Handmade cycling bags built to last

Loyal Designs utilize a variety of materials chosen to optimize performance and extend the life of your bag. Heavy canvas not only give the bags a classic look and feel, but are an excellent material for touring gear.

Loyal Designs uses 18 ounce canvas with Martexin Original Wax water resistant treatment. Canvas fabric has a natural stiffness to it that resists the forces which a bag strapped to a bicycle encounters. These forces can be magnified by the weight of the objects they contain, and degrade the handling of your bike. Thick vegetable tanned leather further stiffens the structure, and makes an ideal inface for attaching to a decaleur. Finally, a 3 piece internal stiffener (extruded plastic floor and Delrin walls) along with multiple attachment straps secure the bag to the rack and help keep your gear from telling your bike where to go, the result: sure handling, much like your bike handles when you’re riding with no gear at all! Waxed canvas and leather will also age gracefully to give your bag a classic look as it rides with you through the years.

The result is a product that is rigid, breathable, and water repellant… it also looks great with the beautiful sculpture that is the bicycle! Loyal Designs bags come with an unconditional warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Loyal Designs is a small bag making company based out of Richmond, CA. Phil Woosley, is the designer and craftsman behind the bags. You may reach Loyal Designs at (510) 305-1424.
The address is:

Loyal Designs
426 S. 25Th St.
Richmond, Ca. 94804

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